Valentina Narducci

Valentina Narducci is a research scientist at the Research Centre for Food and Nutrition of the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA) in Rome, Italy. She holds a master’s degree in chemistry with a background in organic and organometallic chemistry. She has 14-years experience in food science and technology, with a view to sustainably promoting human health and agri-food productions. Her studies are mainly directed on cereals and cereal based products, along with legumes and other vegetable foods. Her main research interests are: analysis of food components, study of their technological, nutritional and functional properties and interactions; study of food raw materials, their technological, nutritional and functional properties and how these are related to food components interplay and processing; evaluation of the nutritional and functional properties of ready-to-eat foods and how they vary with industrial and home processing and formulation; development of new formulations and products. She usually takes part in international and national research projects and is co-author of 18 international scientific publications indexed in Scopus (HI=9) and WoS, together with more than 30 other publications (including book chapters, technical reports, papers in national journals and conference proceedings). She is at present Technical Co-Director of ICC.